The Henry Twine Hall

The Henry Twine Hall is the largest of the rooms available for hire.

It is used regularly for the playgroup, Bingo, Short Mat Bowls, Drama, and Beaver Scouts, as well as private hire for parties, dances, fundraising events etc. The floor is marked with a full size badminton court.

The stage is available to hire, but dates must be specified on the booking form. During the periods prior to Drama productions, scenery will be erected and will reduce the available space. Please check when booking.

172 square metres

Length – 17.2 metres

Width – 10 metres

The domed ceiling is 5.4 metres high at the centre.

Polished solid wood strip floor

Capacities – 220 close seating, 150 maximum (120 comfortable) seated at tables, 300 dancing (no tables)

Stage – 6 metres wide x 3.5 metres deep

Interlocking chairs, tables, P.A. system, electric piano

These must be requested on the booking form

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